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7 Sep

Growing up in Pittsburgh gave me no option other than to be a Steelers fan right from childbirth. Pittsburgh fans are hard-core and “lifers” but getting the chance to hang out at the Dallas Cowboys training camp was awesome! I have met my fair share of pro ball players and you always seem to get two kinds, one being the egotistical asshole that thinks he walks on water and the other being a genuine down to earth nice guy that doesn’t believe because his paycheck is bigger that he is a better person.

Typically, in my experiences, when you get to hang out with ball players and it is not a meet and greet setting then you will get the opportunity to see their real character. Since the training camp was in Oxnard California and the local PD was in charge of security I was able to pull a string or two and squeeze into the VIP area and meet the players and even Jerry Jones the owner of the Cowboys.
I was with Dan and Woody, the Oxnard PD guys I mentioned in the article about the DRAGG race car, and while practice was still going on we slipped out to go take a few pictures with the race car. This is where I met Bullet Tyler, although by rights he is just the pilot of the Dallas Cowboys Coach, he is the funniest son of a “b” I have met in a long while! We only planned on being there for a couple quick pics then we wanted to take the car up behind the VIP tents to get a few pics with the players after they left the field but once Bullet started telling us stories time went by quickly.

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29 Apr

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29 Apr

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